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No Couch Lock

Get Ready To Slam Dunk With Da Stewie Large Ashtray 8.8 LB

Get Ready To Slam Dunk With Da Stewie Large Ashtray 8.8 LB

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Combining Stewie Griffin™, the beloved animated character from the hit show Family Guy™, with the popular rapper DaBaby™ may seem like an unlikely pairing. However, if you imagine the quick-witted and mischievous Stewie spitting bars over DaBaby's hard-hitting beats, the result could be an entertaining and unexpected collaboration. While it's unlikely that such a collaboration will ever happen in reality. 

Realizing that Stewie Griffin™ and DaBaby™ were a perfect match we @ No Couch Lock decided to do the next best thing, which is why we decided to fuse these two distinct personalities. 

That said, and without further ADO  I would like to introduce the world to Da Stewie. 

This Satirical Hand Crafted Hand Painted 1st Amendment Protected Creative Parody Novelty Ashtray Is Not Associated In Anyway With Family Guy™, Stewie Griffin™, DaBaby™ Nike™, New Era™ or the NBA™.

Physical Product Dimensions:
Hand-painted, hand-crafted polyresin sculpture, ashtray, and podium. A0089B
17"*6 3/4"*13 1/2" 8.8 lb.




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